Product & business development manager B2C & B2B

Your main goals will be to

Solve a real problem for real people

Ensure the product solves a significant need for a sufficiently large group of people in a way that’s better (or less costly) than existing alternatives.

  • Is the problem painful enough? (get out of the building, do user research)
  • Is the market big enough? (business strategy & market sizing, competitive analysis)
  • Is the solution good enough? (more user research, data analysis, UX design and user testing)

Attract customers to the product

Together with product marketing team, ensure the product solves a problem that users are aware they have, that it’s intuitive to begin using, that it’s designed to offer users increasing value the more they use it, and that inviting new users offers more value to existing users (i.e. it has built-in virality).

  • How do we acquire new customers? (product marketing, demand generation, competitive research, virality)
  • How do we activate/onboard new customers?
  • How do we boost adoption/engagement, increase usage, etc.?

Build a viable business around the product

Introduce and market new products by developing time-integrated plans with sales, marketing, and production.

  • How do we monetize the product?
  • What should our plans & pricing structure be?
  • How do we facilitate payments, billing, etc.?
  • What is our go to market strategy?
  • Collect inputs & feedback from colleagues, customers, prospects, and other stakeholders --> Prioritize what to build next
  • Plan and coordinate when it will be built
  • Monitor progress on each feature from design through delivery
  • Analyze the success of launched features
  • If necessary, build external partnerships and lead negotiations on terms.


  • At least 2 years in a software product management position, ideally in SaaS.
  • Experience with managing both internal and external teams.
  • Experience working in an agile environment; lean startup methodology.
  • Great communication skills, written and oral. English and Czech.
  • Background in UX/UI design is a plus.
  • Sense for detail.
  • Self-driven.
  • Good computer skills (Office, Google Apps, Adobe/Sketch)

Where we work

No open space – we work in a beautiful villa with a garden, swimming pool and table tennis in Smichov, Prague 5. There is always coffee, tea and juice available and you can grab small snacks in the fridge any time.


We are happy to pay a high salary to great people! Concrete figure is based on your professional experience and added value to the team. You can also expect:

  • 5 weeks of annual leave/year
  • 5 sick days
  • 12 000 CZK/year for personal development (trainings, conferences)

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